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NCURA's magazine is published six times a year with cutting edge pieces on management, perspectives on federal policy written by members and non-members, and the latest information and explanations on topics of interest to research administrators. Past issues are open to the full Research Administration community.

  • Cultivating a Student Research Community at a PUI
    Arkansas State University (A-State) is piloting a new model to actively engage students in expanding and institutionalizing undergraduate research in a resource-limited environment.
  • Behind The Transaction at a PUI
    Here are some simple things to keep in mind that might aid your next transaction.
  • Track Changes
    How a PUI Uses Data to Improve Internal Grant Programs
  • Working with Difficult People
    Stingrays, Sharks, Electric Eels and More
  • The Wabi-Sabi of Research Administration
    The Wabi-Sabi of Research Administration

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