Civility in Research Administration

90 Minutes: Civility.  Compassion.  Respect.  Kindness.  Service.  Those related concepts are out of fashion in government and in society right now. Let’s look at their place in the world of Research Administration. Is it weak or silly to think of civility in a profession grounded in a vast policy and regulatory framework?  Is it foolish to think of civility when our conversations with frustrated customers can verge on hostility?  Is there really value in taking a compassionate approach when so many people push us for their own timeframes and their own needs?  Do we as research administrators have the responsibility to show respect even in the face of anger and frustration?  

This webinar will be a conversation between the panelists.  We will ask questions and challenge assumptions as we discuss the practical and ethical roles of civility in a time of conflict, uncertainty, and volatility.  
Please join us for this special webinar presentation as we wind down 2018 and prepare for 2019 with a renewed focus on the role of civility in our profession. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your team and constituencies together for this important and timely conversation.

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Kim Moreland, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration, University of Wisconsin – Madison
Stephen Hansen, Emeritus Professor and Dean, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Level: Overview

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Kim Moreland

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Stephen Hansen

Emeritus Professor and Dean

 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

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